Theresa Haeo

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 Standing: Mrs Theresa Haeo speaking during a training program

Theresa Haeo is a very active and a happy member of SIWIBA. Her popularity in SIWIBA among members boosts up the moment she came and participate with SIWIBA, everybody knows her well in SIWIBA. Theresa is a very charming lady and full of fun. After leaving her job at world vision Theresa decides to join SIWIBA in 2014.

Her business is “Tesa El “major in tailoring and dye lava-lava. Theresa went through deferent methods of dye that reaches the shores of Honiara and have had the experience before she was part of SIWIBA.  Theresa sew blouses, cloth holders, scarfs, pillow case and more from her dyed lava- lavas.

With SIWIBA Theresa submits to every learning angles and marketing opportunities she find in SIWIBA.

As the time turned on Theresa began to engaged in selling petrol and buying copra at her village home east Guadalcanal as part of her business.

Her business helped to support her family and send her children to school.

With SIWIBA I learnt that money is important comparing when I was employed. I learn to use my money wisely and recognize the importance of business for women.

You can contact Theresa on 7456207 to know more. 

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