Theresa Haeo

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 Standing: Mrs Theresa Haeo speaking during a training program

Theresa Haeo is a very active and a happy member of SIWIBA. Her popularity in SIWIBA among members boosts up the moment she came and participate with SIWIBA, everybody knows her well in SIWIBA. Theresa is a very charming lady and full of fun. After leaving her job at world vision Theresa decides to join SIWIBA in 2014.

Her business is “Tesa El “major in tailoring and dye lava-lava. Theresa went through deferent methods of dye that reaches the shores of Honiara and have had the experience before she was part of SIWIBA.  Theresa sew blouses, cloth holders, scarfs, pillow case and more from her dyed lava- lavas.

Christina Ramosaea

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Right: Chirstina Ramosaea recieving a gift voucher after winning a competition

SIWIBA member Christina Ramosaea returned from a six months training at Indonesia. This is the second time SIWIBA member went to Indonesia for training under the Indonesian embassy.

Elsie Sika

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Inspired by her mother Elsie develop her passion to sew and became fond to it ever since.

Thoughts of earning an income came to her after she got married which led her husband to buy a second hand foot machine to continue her passion to sew. 

Mary Ulu

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Mary Ulu Recieiving a gift pack during a SIWIBA's Meres Market

Mrs Mary Ulu started her business by selling fish in 2002 until 2006 when she took up a cookery training at the quality in now called rock have. With that skill she tapped into selling of cooked food at the Kukum market, beach side and the fisheries office.

Mrs. Annie Maedia - Horticulture Art

Written by Jessica Warahiru on .

After working at the Central Hospital as a Nurse Aid for many years, a very bad and sad experience during the ethnic tension made Annie Maedia decide to move on to another field. Fortunately for Annie, she chose a business that was good for both her state of mind and soul. Looking at flowers after a bad experience can be seen as a healing remedy. 

Floral Training with Anne Maedia

Written by Members Helpdesk on .

Ann Meadia, owner of Solomon Islands Women in Art, is a champion for the empowerment of women in business. She is passionate about sharing her skills with women and assisting women to be self-reliant.  Ann, who is also trained as a registered nurse, started out doing floral arrangements as a hobby.  In 2004 she decided to expand her skills in floral design and trained as a florist at Tandra Flowers in Fiji. In 2006 she attended training at the Pacific Women’s Art Centre in Auckland, New Zealand which led to her starting her own business.  "I was encouraged to start my own business from seeing Pacific women doing floriculture during the trainings I attended overseas."

Deborah Sau

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 Ms Deborah Sau awarded  after a training in SIWIBA

Debora Sau is a young woman who started her business by selling ice block in 2007

With the money she earned she decides to extend into canteen which she started to operate in 2008, however the business ceased due to lack of management skills.

Rose Tagini

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left: Rose with a customer during SIWIBA meres market

Rose Tagini is potential young woman who have been inspired with business activities.

She was the eldest in her family and  unlike girls her age in Solomon Islands she have been saving when she was in her secondary school form 4 .

 She started out w by selling betel nut to finance her school bus fare and other stationeries.

Noela Leoa

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Started her business in 2005 when she realize the need for family to generate extra income for family extra need.

Noela’s business is her ambition to sew kitchen wears, bed wears, cloth hangers, baskets and blouses although she was left out of school very early.

Nerolyn's Journey

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In the year 2000 Nerolyn Ronald Silas was left with 4 children when her husband took off.

With struggle to keep her children and family welfare intact, this self-motivated person push to extreme boundaries to secure her family’s welfare above her limit.

To her advantage Nerolyn is a daughter of chief back in her community and was brought up in a tradition where food is the foremost priority involved to welcome and to keep tribal meetings progressed.

Meet Grace Rani

Written by Jessica Warahiru on .

Grace Rani, is a humble lady yet a very loyal and active member of SIWIBA. She joined SIWIBA in 2013 and earned herself a position as a member of the Mere’s Market committee. Ms. Rani’s small business Island Splendor says it all. She produces unique crafts especially jewelries and sells beautiful earrings, hand bangles and necklaces.

A Mother Knows Best

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Rose Bouro, mother of three comes from Manus province in Papua New Guinea. She is a qualified primary teacher and is married to Gideon Bouro from Malaita province. Rose has lived in Solomon Islands since 1985. She taught at Honiara City Council schools. In 1996, she took leave without pay to stay home and take care of her younger son Alfred, now 16 and in year 9 of high school. Rose decided that as a mother, she would be the best early childhood teacher to him, so she home-schooled Alfred. Rose’s initial plan was to teach her son what she thought was best for him to learn at an early age, and the values and attitudes that would prepare him well for further education.

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