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SIWIBA August Meres Market closed with awarding 7 women for their great commitments and participation of the program.

SIWIBA Project Management Training

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Organized by SIWIBA and facilitated by the Solomon Islands Small Business Enterprise Centre for the formal sector project management training continued for three days

About 13 women in the formal sector successfully completed the training.


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The Solomon Islands government, through the Ministry of Commerce, Industries, Labour & Immigration provided funding to SIWIBA for the hosting of its first ever SIWIBA Mini Trade Fair from 4th to 8th July 2016 leading up to its Awards Night on 9th July 2016.

Amount provided was $225,000.00 following an approved budget and proposal to the Ministry of Commerce. The amount was utilized purposely for the running of the show.

A full report including acquittal and narrative was presented to the Ministry on Friday 12th August 2016. The funding support was received on behalf of the Ministry by Director (Ag) Marketing and Export Promotion Division, Ms. Donnalee Vozoto. The report was handed over to Ms. Vozoto by the Chairlady of the SIWIBA Mini Trade Fair, Mrs. Pamela Zoleveke and Vice Chairlady Mrs. Ethel Saelea.

Mrs. Zoleveke thanked the Ministry and the government of Solomon Islands for funding the Trade Fair. 

She highlighted that it is the first time for SIWIBA to receive such huge funding from the government for such undertaking. 

“This is an indication that SIG has confidence in SIWIBA. We hope the Ministry will continue to work alongside SIWIBA in fulfilling programs, particularly in the area of trade, to further enhance members participation in the country’s economy. In return, this will help to raise members and their families’ standard of living. This will also further raise members’ confidence in themselves.”

Mrs. Zoleveke adds that this help is much appreciated by SIWIBA members whose participation in markets helped to also raise funds to continue sending their children to school and meeting their families’ daily household needs.




SIWIBA Informal Sector complete Floral Arrangement Training

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EJAY Floral arrangement service provides SIWIBA members in the informal sector with floral arrangement training on 10 to 12 August at Lau valley.

The three days training covered topics on basics and how to advance into floral arrangement with lessons on events set up and color.

SIWIBA Receives Support from Our Telekom

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The Solomon Islands Women in Business Association (SIWIBA) received more support from Our Telekom.

Our Telekom CEO, Loyley Ngira was happy to establish the partnership through a handover meeting last week Tuesday, 7th of June at Our Telekom Office.

SIWIBA continues with nominations for the 2016 Solomon Islands Women in Business Awards.

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The Solomon Islands Women in Business Association (SIWIBA) iscurrently conducting the fourth session on nomination awareness for its financial members.

 This awareness program is geared towards the upcoming 2016 Women in Business Awards that will take place on Saturday 9thJuly 2016.

SIWIBA Receives Support from National Fisheries Development towards their Women in Business Awards in July 9th 2016

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Solomon Islands Women in Business Association has received yet more positive support, this time from the National Fisheries Development (NFD) Limited.

NFD General Manager, Mr. Frank Wickham officially handed over SBD$50,000 in support of SIWIBA’s Women in Business Award as Platinum Sponsor.

SIWIBA Mini Trade Fair

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SIWIBA with the support of SIG hosted a one week mini trade fair for women.

The event which took place at the national art gallery gathers women across sectors of the economy, was funded by the Ministry of commerce industries Labour and Immigration.

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