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SIWIBA Receives SBD$3.2 Million from DFAT

Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) has funded the Solomon Islands Women in Business Association (SIWIBA) with a 3 years package worth SBD$3.2 million.

Yesterday was a very special day for SIWIBA’s staff and members since its establishment as the association received the fund and also launched their bi-monthly Mere’s Market.

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Soltuna Supports Mere’s Market

Soltuna donated 10 cartons of its products toward the Solomon Islands Women in Business Association’s (SIWBA) Meres’ Market currently held at the Art Gallery.

SIWIBA’s Programs Officer and Meres’ Market Chairlady, Ms. Jillian Rathamana, said the support provided will be part of their upcoming activities.

Ms. Rathamana said the support from Soltuna shows cooperation between big cooperate companies and local women in the country who are doing small business.  

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Australia Announces Additional Funding for SIWIBA

Australia has reaffirmed its support for the Solomon Islands Women in Business Association, announcing further funding of more than SBD$3 million dollars for the organisation. The funding was announced by the Australian High Commissioner Andrew Byrne this morning at the Mere’s Market, held at the Honiara Art Gallery grounds.

High Commissioner Byrne said the Australian Government is happy to support SIWIBA and its work to empower the women of Solomon Islands.

“Australia is proud to be a supporter of the Mere’s Market. We congratulate SIWIBA and its members for the work they do to make this event happen,” he said.

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Third Mere's Market for 2014

On a remembered day on which tens of thousands of brave American women took to the streets of New York to advocate their right to vote, SIWIBA members took to the streets of Honiara yet again to demonstrate their abilities as capable businesswomen.

Following the hugely successful July-August Mere’s Market, the October 23rd event saw the largest number of SIWIBA participants - up to 91 members in total.

The increase was largely due to the positive feedback from the last Mere’s Market.

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SIWIBA Build Women in Livestock and Horticulture Training

The Solomon Islands Women in Business Association (SIWIBA) organized livestock and horticulture training for its members in the months of August to October 2014.

This follows signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between SIWIBA and the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) of the Solomon Islands Government for funding support to provide basic trainings for SIWIBA members, to raise and rear poultry and piggery and ornamental plants.

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SIWIBA Women Set Up Booth for Tourist Boat

SIWIBA women were among many vendors selected to set up booths to greet a cruise boat that graced the local shores.

Ten SIWIBA members were handpicked by the Secretariat to participate with other associations in displaying their artifacts and creative local styles for visiting tourists.

The members were coached on how to greet and welcome the visitors. They collectively agreed to dress in white t-shirts and Solomon Islands designed ‘lava lava’ (sarong) at their stalls.

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