WOW FESTIVAL/ Brisbane Australia

WOW FESTIVAL 6 - 8 April 2018 FEEDBACK WOMEN OF THE WORLD FESTIVAL celebrating the women of the Commonwealth.

SIWIBA as an organization represented in such event internationally is an opportunity where people know about SIWIBA and what SIWIBA is doing as well as the difference and positive impact do in the lives of women and their families in terms of financial affordability.

We were invited by Cathy Hunt and Leigh Tabrett the Executive Producers WOW Festival 2018 through SIWIBA president. The connection with the Commonwealth games proposed and led by Cathy Hunt and her team the women of Brisbane as part of their strategy to make WOW a core part of major events worldwide and to use the opportunity to illuminate and explore progress and obstacles to gender equality. We have opening night with traditional Welcome Ceremony.

We have grandmothers, mothers and girls all over the Commonwealth countries attended the event sharing what they are doing, their talents, experiences, challenges and personal stories etc.

We have a lot of activities like seminars, workshop, weaving, dancing, stories from women, entertainments etc. which we learn from our other sisters during the three days.

I had an interview with Australia media 4EB FM 98.1 MULTICULTURAL Radio life everyday about SIWIBA. It is a privilege and opportunity for SIWIBA to be known internationally.

People who visited the craft stalls could not get out from SIWIBA stall as one of the outstanding with variety of all Solomon Islands products.

We actually made connections and networking with other individuals, businesses and organizations.

We already have invitations to attend some festivals that will be happening in other parts and state of Australia.

SIWIBA who are fortunate to attend the festival and learned a lot which I believe will improve and make the differences in their businesses we return home.

We are so happy and would like to appreciate and acknowledge Solomon Community and their President here in Brisbane for their generosity and huge support rendered to us.

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